Joey Primiani

Joey Primiani started his first internet company at the age of 8, designed products at Google, Yahoo!, Revision3 and NYSE as an intern by the age of 19, and mastering in computer science and human computer interaction design at UF & UC Berkeley. He is a member of the TEDxSV conference and has been featured in NYTimes, TechCrunch, and BusinessWeek for his work on iGoogle personalized homepage, visual suggest actions and real-time search working with industry leaders like Marissa Mayer. He's now 21, on the founding team of True Venture's backed startup Palaran. He is also the inventor and creative director of TacTouch, superfuture clothing, indigohaus, Serentwipity, Digital Media Podcast, TechManifesto, Drizzoo, and LogoLuau. Through web, entrepreneurship, technology, science, new media and design, he states he "wants to make the world a more technologically advanced and creative place."

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